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We love Austin, and have so many great memories . Clark's Oyster Bar is one of our favorites - besides the awesome Oysters and fun drinks, they have a nice vibe - our favorite seats are at the Oyster Bar! Our favorite place to get coffee is Medici Roasting, a short 9 min walk from the house. If sushi is your thing, you must go to Uchico - but be sure to get a reservation in advance, as it can be difficult to get in otherwise, Besides food, and drinks, you only have to walk across the street to play our new favorite sport, pickleball. You can work up a sweat then come enjoy the pool!

We hope you love your stay and enjoy the skyline view and a nice glass of wine!

We are excited to hear about your favorite part of your stay at our Clarksville Mansion - visit our instagram page and leave a picture!

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Clarksville Mansions
Ken and Susan

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